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 The Catch-All to End All (Site Guidelines)

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PostSubject: The Catch-All to End All (Site Guidelines)   Sat Nov 26, 2016 11:18 pm

You may possess more than one account. However Forumotion only allows one per email, so that complicates things, and so please inform the Staff of your wish to make another account. We will assist you with the process.

Account names must be respectful and sensible. They may be the character's name if you would like multiple log-ins, or you can use a generic handle to identify yourself with.

If a member is inactive with no notice for 3 months, their account/s will be deleted. The perk about this being a forum is that you can write at your general leisure and do not necessarily have to be on when your partner(s) are. This being said, leaving people hanging for an extended time is not only rude but it puts a huge stopper in things. To alleviate this we will remove people who do not appear to have any interest in the game and free up the trapped.

Should you have to take an extended break it is advised to at least inform The Skald via PM of the absence. Better, make sure any involved rp can be wrapped up or freed up without consequence. People do not mind waiting if they have an idea of how long or that they will be at all.

Disruptive or rude behavior is never appreciated. Mind your tongue and play nice. If you do have a problem with another player and require mediation, the staff is here to assist. Blatant disregard to manners or civility will result in removal and likely banning.

This also means understanding the difference between OOC and IC and not attributing traits across the line. Your character may be married to theirs, but you are not married to them (unless you are, of course). Their character may be mean and a bully, but they are not likely targeting you for you. If you suspect they may be, reach out to a Staff member.

Current / In progress Roleplays
Roleplays are considered public unless otherwise written in the topic title. Private roleplays are reserved for one-off situations, such as campaigns or situations where it is virtually impossible for others to attend. Private roleplays are public to read, so be considerate in how you use them.

Skaldsong not catching your drift but enjoy the people? You are more than welcome to create your own designs and skaldsong-free campaigns. Feel free to use the Something Different section of the board to do so. Gander enough interest and we can see about expanding it into its own section.

Avatars should be: 200 x 225px and 64kb

You may reserve a Mirror here.

Instant Messenger Use
Should you choose to connect with players off site, through the use of instant messengers, you do so at your own risk. Roleplays that occur over messenger are not cannon.

Mature Content
Explicit/Pornographic content is not allowed per the Forumotion guidelines.

Heavy Romance: Players may choose to 'shut the bedroom door' and continue the scene from the aftermath, denoted with some form of line break (***, ~*~, etc) or as preferable. Those who choose to carry forth and allow depth into the scene should restrict themselves to what one would read in a romantica novel. Best put as:
All About Romance.com (Sensuality Ratings Guide) wrote:
While our lovers do make love, and the reader is there with them, physical details are described, but are not graphically depicted. Much is left to the reader’s imagination and/or possibly the use of euphemistic “code words.” But what’s most important are feelings and emotions, not body parts.

Out of Character Content
Should be kept to a minimum to not disturb the flow of the reading. Players should also be highly aware of what information they glean from reading and determine carefully if it is something that they can reference later. There is a difference between exposition and given-information and when in doubt, reach out to the player for permission to use it to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

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The Catch-All to End All (Site Guidelines)
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