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 Character Conflicts

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PostSubject: Character Conflicts   Character Conflicts Icon_minitimeSat Nov 26, 2016 8:08 pm

Fighting in play by post roleplay can be daunting for those who do not regularly do so. There are many favored styles out there, from a reliance of dice to a reliance on 'honor'.

While 'event' fights will most certainly be moderated and possess their own rules due to the nature of the scene (a joust would not necessarily follow the same rules as a wrestling match or archery contest) fights that occur out in the world may need special attention to details in their own way.

As it stands, most fights are structured the following way:

  • Pre fight rules (ie post limits) and goals are known (do not explicitly need to be expressed except for refereeing needs).
  • Items and abilities/powers are accounted for before the fight begins, including any hidden ones. This is to simply provide proof against 'deus ex' actions and is for the benefit of any referee you might recruit. Leniency may occur between people who are comfortable with the situation or if the match is not so serious to need such specificity.
  • Actions are detailed and numbered for legibility.
    (He swung the sword with his right hand horizontally across his enemy's waistline(1). His left arm braced the shield upward to catch the blow from the mace.) Defending actions are typically responsive of logic cause and effect, or dice, and as such do not need to be specified unless is part of an attack itself ([...]blow from the mace and pushed back to topple the attacker backward a step(2))
  • Accepted hits are acknowledged and carried forward through the fight. Injuries should be as severe as they would realistically be and no one flesh or fabric is impervious. Hair gets cut, armor is designed to take a beating, give it some dents and scratches.

Always remember that you are choreographing a story with others. This is not a fight between you and your opponent, but a story of a clashing.

Consider these:

  • Is this training or a death match?
  • What is the end goal? Will someone lose or will there be a stalemate/escape?
  • Does this fight have a purpose oocly? (Giving character rights to something, giving them a physical detail such as scars or handicaps, ending a campaign?)

Often simply knowing these answers can diffuse most fights before they have ever begun. Always reach out to the other player for clarifying anything you might not have understood from their point of view before making your post and you will have avoided another chunk of them altogether.

You can also have someone read and referee a fight if you like, and this person can be anyone as long as they are recognized as such by the fighters. In other words, it has to be someone you both trust to give you a unbiased opinion on what happened.

Did we miss something? Feel free to comment and discuss below your preferred rules and handling of fights.
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Character Conflicts
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