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 Character Deaths (Skaldsong)

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Character Deaths (Skaldsong) Empty
PostSubject: Character Deaths (Skaldsong)   Character Deaths (Skaldsong) Icon_minitimeSat Nov 26, 2016 6:48 pm

In the World of Skaldsong, death is not the end of a character unless you mean it to be.

Culturally speaking, the natives of the Great Skald's design strive to make a mark on the world in such a way that they earn the attention and are given a new path to walk. The bard does not favor just the mighty in the stories, as they are not always mighty in their revisions. The hero of the last generation may be a simple baker in this one, but no less interesting to the Great Skald. And they do not necessarily have to worship this being to get this perk. This is the artist's gift to the world to continue the stories. However it is not without some... miscalculations.

This means you can use the death of a character to change things up.

However, we do require the following should you do it this way:

  • Characters must be at least 4 months old (play time).
  • You must change at least one noticeable aspect of the character, not including age. So this can be looks, sex, race, powers, etc.
  • You must forfeit that character's ties to others, blood/familial, and otherwise. Memories* are lost during the process of awakening and as you are no longer the same person, previous biological ties no longer exist.
  • Take your time with the changes and wait 30 Days for the revival to occur.

*Biological tie memories are permanently gone, but 'true love' attractions may remain. Your character is not necessarily lost in the world but rather waking in the middle of another of their lives, so their new memories are old memories for them. (Ichabod the sailor reborn as Jeremy the baker may recall sailing knowledge or a fondness for water but would not necessarily know he used to be friends with or worked beneath the captain of The Cadence.)

NOTE: If you do not wish to change a thing about your character, this is possible, but not through the world's natural recollection. The catch? This will HAVE to be a multiperson event assisted by what the citizens of Skaldsong would call a 'maestro' (godlike being). Beyond that, whether you take a single night to achieve the campaign or let the body ferment a while is up to you. Just know that it is -never- instant.

In the case of Permanent Deaths
Should you like to discard a character entirely (or perhaps you are doing a complete redo) you may reach out to Staff to help you fix the profile or delete it entirely as per your needs.

You may post to this topic to state when a character has died, permanently or pending to record the occasion.
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Character Deaths (Skaldsong)
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