What story will you bring to the tapestry?
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Battaglia's power lies in sword and song. Three hundred years ago they were the forefront of the fight against the Virtuosos, defending the rest of the guilds as they worked together to defeat them. They continue to defend The Tapestry as an army, but in times of peace they work as wandering mercenaries taking on jobs shared by fellow guildmates or that they come across in the other regions. They are not police, however, and while they will likely try and stop anything they perceive as wrong doing, they will take it up with the resident guild about how to proceed.

Trusted few live and work at The Manor to defend the monarchy and guild heirs.

Guild House: The Choir, Inizio D'Oro.
Colors: Black and Gold
Symbol: Divine Treble

Are members required to stay there?
No, but they must make trips to 'check in'.

Can anyone join?
Yes. Any member can recruit another, registration happens at The Choir where the recruit will be recorded and issued any appropriate gear. Limited lodging available at the base.

Current Player Members:

Gawain - Knight
Aria -
Ben - Knight Recruit

Non-player Members:
Bass Borislav - The Commander, will be replaced by either Marietta or Cyril depending on events.
Jaena - Page, she checks you in and out and manages the comings and goings at The Choir for all guilds.

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Basic Information, Roster
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