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 Finding Trouble

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PostSubject: Finding Trouble   Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:41 pm

The streets were dotted with people going about their business. Merchants trying to sell the last of their goods before the dry season came and they were able to go out into the world once more and restock. So as it was, Fletch was only able to snag the last pickings of the food.

The apple that he chomped down on was ripe- almost too ripe seeing as it was starting to mush under his teeth. He'd never been fond of mushy apples. Still, he didn't complain about what he could knick with his own two hands. Better to be cautious and grab scraps than be caught trying to grab something better. Last thing he needed was to be trapped in irons.

Fletch had been here about five years now. Maybe he was just a creature of habit, but he found it hard to leave this waterlogged town. Maybe this dry season would be different... though he highly doubted it. He had no reason to leave.. yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Finding Trouble   Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:55 pm

This was her day off. Time to relax and smell the fresh air of the outdoors. She would get herself something nice today. A fresh piece of food would do as this was of course the wet season, and fresh, tasty food was a bit on the rare side nowadays.

She perused the market carefully, shifting through various fruits and vegetables, seeking something that would strike her fancy. She went through a few stalls, none of them containing quite what she was looking for. However intriguing the jewelry and other stalls were, she ignored them. Today she was on a mission. She could pay attention to other things once she had finished what she set out to do.

She stopped by one of the stalls with a young man eating an apple nearby. She reached into the merchandise, shifting through until she found an orange she liked. It would be better with the peel. It kept fruits fresher. She handed over the coin and walked a few feet to lean against a wall, peeling back her prize to dig in.
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Finding Trouble
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