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PostSubject: Solitude's Aria   Solitude's Aria Icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2016 9:55 pm

Along one of the coasts lays a collection of islands, most of which are too small to live on but contain shrines to various Virtuoso that have crossed in and out of favor with the people who praise them. Before you can reach them, however, is Chanson Isole'e, a curious island that cannot seem to decide if it wants to be part of the mainland or not. It consists of a walled community, small but hardy to last the periods of rain that flood the waters and cut it off completely every summer and winter.

The locals here are mostly studious, taking to debating and philosophizing during their months of isolation and as such they are a great resource about the shrines on the isles behind it. This isolation also gives them plenty of time to produce copies of scrolls and books to distribute to the rest of the world. They are not the only source, but they do a good percentage of the stock. They are also steady fishermen, taking advantage of their position as salt-water fish get caught up in the inflow, allowing them to not have to go far to snag them at all.

In the dry season the road to Chanson Isole'e is lush and green and very busy as merchants try to maximize their routes between it and other places.

The largest building is the Chateau Vocal. It's many rooms are perfect for cloistering off career singers so they may practice their art, as well as the main hub for the scribes. This was not always the case, however, as the building used to be the home the Prima Figilo/a and their coterie would be sent to for 'finishing' before their debut to the world at Inizio D'Oro.

In the levels below it is a mix of residential homes and shops, while supplies last. While they do not deal with animals the way other locations do (farming sheep, cows, etc) the locals of Chanson Isole'e are quite fond of smaller pets like poet rats, rabbits, and small birds.

Further beneath the city, accessible only when the water recedes, is the door to the catacombs. Revered heroes and royalty alike are buried there in organized tunnels spanning the whole of the hamlet, but not all are asleep in eternal rest.
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