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 The Hierarchy (Guilds & Town leaders)

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The Hierarchy (Guilds & Town leaders) Empty
PostSubject: The Hierarchy (Guilds & Town leaders)   The Hierarchy (Guilds & Town leaders) Icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2016 6:33 pm

The politics of Skaldsong is a simple one and disregarding the beings they treat as gods, the government is comprised of the royals (Prima Familia) at the top tier with the wealthy just beneath them. These wealthy high-bloods form the Aristocracy and have a particular set of duties assigned to them.

They are given charge of a township as well as taking up the leadership of the associated guild. They have full command over these areas, but typically are doing so at the discretion of the royal family. As where the Prima Familia prospers, so do they and being in the good graces of that family is in their highest interests. Becoming the next Prima Familia is potentially just a marriage away.

Prima Familia (Royalty)
Doge/Duce (Settlement/Head Guild Leader)
Nobile (Other Guild leaders)
Everyone else

The children of Doge/Duce are often sent to the Prima Familia as Ladies and Lords -in-waiting and the children of the Nobile are often given work as personal servants at the manor.

To create a guild you must:
-Have a specialty
-Have 5 members
-Have the approval of where you would like to be located.
(Only the "main" guild of a township may have an office at the Capital)

You will receive your own section of the forum and a badge for display in member profiles. Badge Size: 90x90

As a player these positions are open to you and for every settlement made another position is made. Other guilds may take root in the townships and the leaders of those are also consider aristocrats, albeit a lower tier of them (see above ranking list).

Respond to this post to apply for any open positions. To create a guild please respond with details after meeting requirements.

Prima Familia / Inizio D'Oro
Prima Uomo:
Prima Donna:
Associated Guild: The Battalgia Militancy
Other Guilds and associated Nobile:

Associated Guild: Handelsgilde
Doge/Duce: Donklys
Other Guilds and associated Nobile:

Chanson Isole'e
Associated Guild:
Other Guilds and associated Nobile:

Otkrytoye Polotno
Associated Guild: Coldhaven Pack
Doge/Duce: Kodi
Other Guilds and associated Nobile:

Prasino Kolaz
Associated Guild: Elysion
Doge/Duce: Amara
Other Guilds and associated Nobile:

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The Hierarchy (Guilds & Town leaders)
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