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 The Pizzicato of Clocks

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PostSubject: The Pizzicato of Clocks    Tue Nov 29, 2016 4:51 pm

Nestled in the mountains lays the hamlet of Uhrwerkstadt, a village of craftsmen kind. Simple architecture stands out with the white plaster and exposed dark beams. Town hall lays at the center of town and is home to the ruling aristocrat but the most interesting fact about this building is that its steeple serves as the gnomon for the sundial worked into the very bricks of the courtyard. So that the half moon before the building contains the roman numerals for the hours, something that could be missed during busy events such as the Inventor's Triumph that celebrates the finished workings of various projects from its citizens, their chance to parade them before their town's leader as a show of future prosperity to come. The best work is rewarded, of course.

The town's workers are very fond of using their hands to create, with the finest articulated armor which can be used as a base for prosthetic, being attributed to the workers of Uhrwerkstadt. It brings them a great deal of pride (and money), but other exports include the farming of goats, sheep, and cows and the mining of various ores and gems. And while they have to import the materials, some of the best bakers call this place home. The appearance of clocks and dials is constant, worked into many buildings in some form or another ranging from simple paintings to animated cuckoos.

Contrasting the capital this is a far less busy locale, with a deceptive population. The crowds are hardly anything resembling the actual amount of people, as most remain indoors busy with their projects or are out in the world getting materials to sell to those makers to have for their projects.

The surrounding area is forested with some sections of grassy plains offering beautiful views.
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The Pizzicato of Clocks
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